How to Activate Pattern Collection

  1. Login to CanvasWorkspace (for Web or for PC).
  2. On CanvasWorkspace for Web, click the Account Settings button at the top right. On CanvasWorkspace for PC, go to Help menu and click Account Settings.
  3. Click Pattern Collection Activation on Account Settings.
  4. Enter the activation code on the activation card, and then click “Activate”.*
  5. Confirm the information, and click “Activate”.
  6. On CanvasWorkspace for WEB, go back to top page by clicking the CanvasWorkspace logo at the top left. On CanvasWorkspace for PC, click the Online Contents button at the top left to use the pattern collection.
  7. Now you can start using the pattern collection.
* Some pattern collections require selecting the machine after entering the activation code. For machine selection, your machine needs to be registered. For more details, refer to “What is machine registration?”.
Activation code location