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Supported browsers

OS / Device Browser
Windows® Internet Explorer® 11
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Google Chrome™ (Latest version)
Opera (Latest version)
Mozilla® Firefox® (Latest version)※1
macOS Safari 6 or later
Google Chrome™ (Latest version)
iPhone / iPad
(5.5-inch or larger display),
iOS8.3 or later)
Safari (Latest version)
Tablet for Android™
(6-inch or larger display,
Android 4.4 or later)
Google Chrome™ (Latest version)

Internet Connection Speed

  • A broadband connection is recommended.


  • A PDF viewer (Adobe® Reader®, etc.) is necessary for opening the Help file.
  • A USB flash drive or a USB cable is necessary for transferring data from CanvasWorkspace to the Brother’s Electronic Cutting Machines.(except the model equipped with Wireless function)
  • ※1 Some functions are unavailable on Firefox®. For more information, please refer to FAQ(PDF 0.5MB).